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Animal Stocks and Production Output


Livestock according to annual report 2020

Dairy cattle 

224 dairy cows and 187 young cattle/breeding calves

Beef cattle

104 cows and heifers of the breeds
Uckermärker und Beef Simmentaler 2 breeding bulls
41 breeding bulls in own performance test of rearing

Fatting cattle

97 fatting bulls in the performance testing station


472 ewes and yearling of the breeds
German Blackheaded Mutton Sheep and Merinolandschaf Sheep
9 old and 11 young rams

Flatting pigs

589 test animals in the testing station  Ruhlsdorf

Meat goats

11 mother goats, 1 young goat, 1 breeding ram


Production performance according to the annual report 2020

Dairy cattle

Milk per cow and year
annual report LKV 19/20
(234,1 A+B cows)

11.130 kg

3,98 % fat

3,46 % protein


442 kg fat

385 kg protein

Reproduction rate 2020

(herd change corrected)

22,4 %

Lifetime production of cows that have left

43.578 kg milk per cow

Sale of breeding stocks

35 heifers, 3 young cows

Mother cow herd

Calves born


Rearing rate per cow

102 %

Weight gain of bull calves per calf and day

1.207 g

Weight gain heifer calves until weaning

1.084 g

Number of breeding bulls sold


Bull flattening

Number of slaughter bulls


Weight of slaughter bulls

426 kg slaughter weight

Test day gains in slaughter and fattening performance test

1.535 g

Testing of

47 beef cattle bulls from 25 breeders from 7 breeds for own performance testing

Pig fattening

Daily gain for fattening

1.016 g

Feed expenditure test facility

2,61 kg


Number of lambings


Number of lams raised


Lambing results

166 %

Productivity figure


Number of breeding rams sold