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Crop Production


Crop plan 2019/ 2020


Silage corn

235,3 ha

223,0 dt FM/ha

Winter barley

37,3 ha

Ø 48,0 dt/ha

Winter rye

161,9 ha

Ø 44,9 dt/ha


28,4 ha

56,9 dt/ha

Lucerne, clover grass

15,5 ha


Field grass, field pasture

98,3 ha


Fallow land

0,7 ha



Arable farming during the year




5-year average


Start of summer cereal sowing

from  1st March


Start of pasture

from 15 April


Start of maize sowing

from 25 April


Start of silage preparation

from 05 May


Last late frost

until 20 May


Start of hay harvest

from 20 May


Start of grain harvest

15. – 20. July


Start of silage corn harvest

from 5 September


Start of  winter grain sowing

from 15 September


First frost

from 1st October


Start of grain corn harvest

from 20 October


Grazing harvest

from 1 October – 15 December