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Milk Production


At LVAT Groß Kreutz, approximately 231 dairy cows and 181 young cattle / breeding calves of the German Holstein breed are kept.

The dairy herd is actively integrated into the education and training program. For example, the practical exercises of the courses from the IFN Schönow e.V. to the insemination officer and ovarian diagnostics are carried out at the LVAT. Students of agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine and biology can gain their first practical experience in the husbandry and management of dairy herds at the LVAT. In addition, the dairy herd is used by LVAT's cooperation partners for various experimental settings with a focus on husbandry, animal health, milking and sensor technology.

Extensive construction measures were carried out in 2014 to fulfill the increased requirements for animal welfare, animal protection, experimental conditions and management. A new deep litter barn with two separate calving pens was built for the dry dairy cows. Some of the lactating cows are now kept in a modernized cubicle barn. This barn has room for 60 cows and is equipped with deep stalls and paved walkways. The cows are milked with a milking robot. Another barn (built in 1999) is equipped with two milking robots. In this barn, the cows have access to high stalls with rubber flooring. The slatted floor is equipped with rubber mats in the feed alley to improve footing in this area.

For training and research purposes, a milking parlor (double 7s) is operated in addition to robotic milking.

Calf and young cattle rearing is also integrated into the farm. The calves spend their first days of life in individual igloos with an outdoor run. Later they are fed in group boxes on straw at the automatic feeder. As young cattle, they run in the two-room pen with straw bedding area or in the paddock.


The herd's output has steadily increased over the years, exceeding 10,000 liters for the first time in 2014.


Production output

Dairy cattle

Year-end LKV 19/20

(234,1 A+B- cows)

11.130 kg milk per cow and year

3,98 % fat

3,46 % protein

First calving age

24,8 months

Reproduction rate 2020
(herd changes corrected)

22,4 %

Liftime performance of cows that have left

43.578 kg milk/cow

Sale of breeding stocks

35 heifers and 3 young cows


Milk yield development of LVAT from 2003 to 2019


We represent our breeding successes at various animal shows every year.

7th Regional Animal Show Westbrandenburg 2019 Niemegk: Lola EX91 6LA Winner Old Performance Cow