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Education and Training


The LVAT is actively involved in the professional training of young farmers and animal farmers.

In short-term and long-term internships, students can gain their first professional practical experience at the LVAT.

Special courses for students of veterinary medicine at Freie Universität Berlin are organized annually as an introduction to practical livestock management.

Students of veterinary medicine at Freie Universität Berlin learn about the forms and tasks of practical livestock husbandry at LVAT. Two courses with 18 places each are organized every year in spring (for dates, see the "Events" section).

Study projects in the field of farm animal ethology are carried out jointly with the University of Potsdam for students of biology.

For students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture of the Humboldt University and also of other universities there is the possibility to do bachelor and master theses.