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LELF as Partner of the LVAT

The State Office for Rural Development, Agriculture and Land Consolidation (Landesamt für ländliche Entwicklung, Landwirtschaft und Flurneuordnung - LELF) as a partner of the Teaching and Research Station for Animal Breeding and Husbandry e.V. (LVAT).


The LVAT is the most important practical test base in the animal sector for the LELF. This is where the demonstration of agricultural practices takes place as part of public relations work and proper consumer education in cooperation with the LELF.

Furthermore, the implementation of the performance test in station as own, progeny, origin test for the animal species pig, cattle and sheep for the state of Brandenburg is secured in cooperation.  

By providing 18 accommodation places, agricultural internships for student training could be carried out again in 2019. Among others, students from various German agricultural and veterinary faculties and a Belarusian doctoral student also took advantage of LVAT's internship offer for their training.

Through constant optimization of the husbandry and environmental conditions for livestock, the situation for conducting experiments has stabilized at a high level despite difficult climatic, cultivation and weather conditions. In 2019, a total of 19 experimental setups and working topics were processed in LVAT. The results are intensively used for scientific work as well as for education and training by the LELF.

In cooperation with external partners, several third-party funded projects were financially processed on behalf of the LELF and the MLUL.

Also in 2019, the biogas plant was operated for research and demonstration purposes as well as for informing farmers about biogas utilization at the Groß Kreutz site with 80 KW of electrical power.

In addition to its function as a demonstration farm, LVAT was a partner of the LELF in organizing and conducting 10 courses, training series and other joint events. In addition to animal husbandry topics, the site also serves for information in the field of renewable energy use and lupine cultivation for interested visitors.

The LVAT were visited by a total of over 2,836 guests, including foreign delegations from 10 countries.

In addition, various administrations, authorities and school boards used LVAT's premises for several training events in the field of agriculture.

The main focus of these practice-oriented analyses and investigations are:

  • Animal health and performance of cattle, pigs and sheep.
  • Investigations on different husbandry systems
  • Assurance of high product quality in milk and meat
  • Use of certain feeds to reduce costs and increase performance
  • Management of land sheep herds on heathland
  • Further development of performance testing and breeding value estimation methods
  • Animal welfare, animal performance and emissions



On the basis of the professional work and the resulting results, conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses are held. Furthermore, information for the professional public and consumers is provided within the framework of visitor support at the Teaching and Research Institute for Animal Breeding and Husbandry.


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